Bingqing Zhang joined Rebus Biosystems in September 2021 as Senior Director, Product Development. Bingqing is a successful R&D leader with years of experience in the life sciences and spatial-omics field specializing in product development journey from conception to commercialization. Prior to joining Rebus, she served as Director of R&D in the Genomics Division of Bio-Techne/Advanced Cell Diagnostics (ACD), a pioneer in the field of spatial genomics and in situ hybridization technology. She led the development and commercialization of ACD’s full portfolio of in-situ hybridization products including RNAscope, BaseScope, miRNAscope and most recently DNAscope and HiPlex for the research and diagnostic market. Her work at ACD and previous positions resulted in high profile journal publications and patents. Bingqing studied Biological Sciences and Biotechnology at Tsinghua University in China and came to U.S. for her doctoral degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Indiana University, Bloomington.