• Tom Willis, Ph.D.

    Interim Chief Executive Officer

  • Josh Ryu, PhD

    Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

  • Neil Kennedy

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Eric Williams

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Tarif Awad, PhD

    Vice President, Scientific Affairs

  • Danilo Tait, PhD, MBA

    Vice President, Commercial Operations, EMEA

  • Gloria Chui, PhD

    Principal Scientist, Reagent Products

  • Simone Codeluppi, PhD

    Principal Scientist, Bioinformatics

  • Hojin Lee, MS

    Director, Engineering

  • Ramesh Ramakrishnan

    Senior Vice President of Product Development

  • Viet Truong

    VP of Operations

  • Bingqing Zhang

    Senior Director, Product Development

  • Amanda Smith

    VP Human Resources