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Rebus Biosystems is a venture-backed Silicon Valley-based life science technology company creating revolutionary tools to enable spatial omics research without compromise.

Our first instrument, the Rebus Esper™, is a fully integrated, automated spatial omics platform that delivers quantitative single-molecule, single–cell data with subcellular resolution. Advanced imaging, on-system chemistry, and intuitive software are brought together into a single system, providing a streamlined, end-to-end solution requiring minimal hands-on time. The Rebus Esper enables analysis of cells in their native tissue contexts at high throughput. Biological molecules can be analyzed directly in and across large tissue sections.

The Rebus Esper is a single-instrument solution designed to deliver high-throughput spatial data from a multitude of assays provided as all–inclusive kits by Rebus Biosystems. The first assay to be released on the Rebus Esper is the Esper™ High Fidelity assay, which enables multiplex analysis of gene expression with exquisite sensitivity and specificity. Forthcoming assays will address a wide range of experimental needs and analytes, while always taking advantage of the resolution, scale and speed of the Rebus Esper.

Illuminating the Spectrum of Spatial Discovery

Our Team

  • Tom Willis, Ph.D.

    Interim Chief Executive Officer

  • Josh Ryu, PhD

    Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

  • Neil Kennedy

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Eric Williams

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Gloria Chui, PhD

    Principal Scientist, Reagent Products

  • Simone Codeluppi, PhD

    Principal Scientist, Bioinformatics

  • Hojin Lee, MS

    Director, Engineering

  • Amanda Smith

    VP Human Resources

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