Rebus Biosystems Appoints World-leading Researchers to Scientific Advisory Board

Arul Chinnaiyan and Sten Linnarsson to bolster Rebus expertise and scientific direction

November 2, 2021

SANTA CLARA, CA – Nov. 02, 2021 – Rebus Biosystems Inc, (“Rebus Bio”, “Rebus”), an Illumina Ventures-backed life science technology company creating revolutionary tools to advance spatial omics research, today announced that Drs. Arul Chinnaiyan, MD, PhD and Sten Linnarsson, PhD, have been appointed to the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The two globally recognized scientific advisers bring a wealth of experience in biomedical research and pioneering new genomics tool development, leading to improvements in single-cell sequencing technology and greater insights into the drivers of complex disease including cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. The new appointments are effective immediately.

“We’re very proud to have Arul and Sten join the Rebus team,” said Paul Sargeant, PhD, CEO of Rebus Biosystems. “They are leaders in their respective fields, and we can draw inspiration from their discoveries as well as practical experience from their knowledge of the science, the technology and the industry. Having them on board will be invaluable as we continue creating new genomic technologies to help researchers solve biology’s toughest questions.”

An investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Dr. Chinnaiyan’s work sets a high bar for translational cancer research and precision oncology. His bioinformatic approach to detect outlier genes led to the discovery that a majority of prostate cancers have TMPRSS2-ETS gene fusions, the first causative gene fusion found in a common solid tumor. It was a discovery that would lead to the identification of more gene fusions, in lung, breast and colon cancers. Dr. Chinnaiyan has received dozens of prestigious awards during his two decades at the University of Michigan, where he is now Director of the Michigan Center for Translational Pathology.

“Advancing spatial omics technologies will accelerate research into cancer and dozens of genetic diseases, with the promise of helping millions of patients around the world,” said Arul Chinnaiyan, SAB member, Rebus Biosystems. “I’m delighted to join this effort and look forward to what we can create together.”

Sten Linnarsson wrote the blueprint for the field of single-cell genomics, pioneering single-cell RNA sequencing while conducting research into the lineage of the developing human nervous system. Professor of Molecular Systems Biology at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, his lab group focuses on applying single-cell expression analysis to discover the stable cellular states of the mouse nervous system.

“Spatial omics is about to fundamentally transform biomedicine, but more work is needed to address the needs of biomedical research in terms of scale, ease of use and robustness,” said Sten Linnarsson, SAB member, Rebus Biosystems. “Rebus has developed a unique solution in that space. I’m excited to bring my scientific expertise to a passionate team, and help make spatial omics more broadly accessible to researchers.”


About Rebus Biosystems
Rebus Biosystems is a venture-backed Silicon Valley-based life science technology company creating revolutionary tools to enable spatial omics research without compromise. The company’s first instrument, the Rebus Esper, is a fully integrated, automated spatial omics platform that delivers quantitative single molecule, single-cell data with subcellular resolution.  Advanced imaging, on-system chemistry, and intuitive software have been combined to provide an end-to-end solution requiring minimal hands-on time. Rebus Biosystems provides all-inclusive assay kits to empower researchers with the resolution, scale and speed of the Rebus Esper for multiple applications. Learn more at


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