Rebus Biosystems Partners with ROSALIND to Co-Develop Spatial Omics Software

Partnership aims to democratize single cell spatial analysis data captured on the Rebus Esper system and increase biological understanding

June 8, 2022

SANTA CLARA, Calif. & SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rebus Biosystems Inc, (“Rebus Bio”, “Rebus”), an Illumina Ventures-backed life science technology company creating revolutionary tools to advance spatial omics research, announced today it is partnering with Rosalind, Inc. to co-develop new spatial omics software. The technology will democratize data from single cell spatial analyses from the Rebus Esper™ system, making important spatial omics insights accessible to the broader research community.

ROSALIND® is the first-ever genomics discovery and collaboration platform specifically designed for scientists and biologists. The new software being developed by Rebus and Rosalind will combine the power of the Rebus Esper spatial multi-omics capabilities with the highly interactive and intuitive interface of ROSALIND. The partnership will also allow customers to eventually integrate multi-modal datasets together in one interface to build higher orders of biological understanding.

“We are thrilled to partner with Rosalind to democratize spatial omics data, which we believe will allow researchers from different disciplines and technical backgrounds to obtain spatial context to answer important biological questions,” said Tom Willis, Ph.D., interim chief executive officer at Rebus Biosystems. “The ease with which you load, cluster, and investigate a cell by feature matrix produced from the Rebus Esper will open these critical spatial omics insights to everyone who needs them.”

The three-phase agreement will start with the importing of spatially annotated single cell data from Rebus into the ROSALIND interface, and eventually enable spatial clustering and navigation of clustered cells. Once integrated, Rebus spatial data will be interoperable for multi-omics comparison across methods and technologies like scRNA-seq, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq and proteomics.

“We believe the maximum power of data is achieved when it is integrated, protected, and shared on a virtual software platform,” said Tim Wesselman, founder and chief executive officer of Rosalind. “The information generated from Rebus’ Esper system is unparalleled in its resolution and has important implications on a broad range of scientific research. We look forward to partnering with the Rebus team to build our collective knowledge sharing among the scientific and clinical communities.”

About Rebus Biosystems
Rebus Biosystems is a venture-backed Silicon Valley-based life science technology company creating revolutionary tools to enable spatial omics research without compromise. The company’s first instrument, the Rebus Esper, is a fully integrated, automated spatial omics platform that delivers quantitative single molecule, single-cell data with subcellular resolution. Advanced imaging, on-system chemistry, and intuitive software have been combined to provide an end-to-end solution requiring minimal hands-on time. Rebus Biosystems provides all-inclusive assay kits to empower researchers with the resolution, scale and speed of the Rebus Esper for multiple applications. Learn more at

About Rosalind
Rosalind, Inc. is the San Diego genomics company that develops and maintains the ROSALIND® Discovery and Collaboration Platform, the leading collaborative research platform for knowledge management and multi-omic data analysis. As a secure unified data hub for sequencing and multiplex technologies, ROSALIND combines deep interpretation and interactive visualization for spatial, single-cell, RNA, NanoString, and clinical data. ROSALIND is globally deployed and trusted by leading pharma, biotech and research institutions as a preferred platform for scientific discovery and collaboration. For more information, please visit

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