Rebus Biosystems Welcomes Danilo Tait as VP Commercial Operations, EMEA

Bingqing Zhang Named Senior Director of Product Development

October 5, 2021

SANTA CLARA, CA – Rebus Biosystems Inc, (“Rebus Bio”, “Rebus”), an Illumina Ventures-backed life science technology company creating revolutionary tools to advance spatial omics research, today announced Danilo Tait as the newest member of its leadership team. Tait, who holds a PhD in molecular biology from the Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics and an MBA from SMC University in Switzerland, will lead the innovative spatial omics company’s commercialization drive across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

“I’m so excited to be joining such a dynamic group of scientists and visionaries,” said Danilo Tait, VP Commercial Operations EMEA, Rebus Biosystems. “Rebus offers the first commercially available automated instrument for spatial multi-omic analysis, delivering ultra-high subcellular resolution – and I’m proud to be able to help the EMEA team expand their reach and bring this new technology to some of the world’s top researchers.”

Rebus Bio, which provides automated platforms to deliver advanced molecular mapping with minimal hands-on time, also announced that Bingqing Zhang will be its new Senior Director of Product Development.

“We’re delighted to have Danilo and Bingqing on the team,” said Paul Sargeant, PhD, CEO of Rebus Biosystems. “With so much business development experience within the genomics field, having headed up European operations for Advanced Analytical and been GM Europe and Africa for MGI, Danilo was a natural choice for our team. Plus, Bingqing is also a veteran of the industry, having developed and commercialized the suite of RNAscope products at Advanced Cell Diagnostics, and we know they will help our team of technologists put the right Rebus kit into the right researchers’ hands, and together, we will truly advance science itself.”

The Rebus Esper™ spatial omics platform was launched earlier this year, and is already shipping around the world. This fully integrated, automated instrument delivers high-throughput, quantitative, single-molecule, single-cell data with spatial context and subcellular resolution by bringing together advancements in imaging, fluidics, chemistry, and bioinformatics.

“Rebus will be launching new assay kits over the coming months, significantly increasing plex, adding FFPE and protein co-detection, all leveraging the same foundational Esper spatial omics platform and workflow,” said Josh Ryu, Ph.D., CTO of Rebus Bio. “We have been actively working with our customers and look forward to the additional data from our partnerships appearing in scientific journals soon.”

About Rebus Biosystems
Rebus Biosystems is a venture-backed Silicon Valley-based life science technology company creating revolutionary tools to enable spatial omics research without compromise. The company’s first instrument, the Rebus Esper, is a fully integrated, automated spatial omics platform that delivers quantitative single molecule, single-cell data with subcellular resolution. Advanced imaging, on-system chemistry, and intuitive software have been combined to provide an end-to-end solution requiring minimal hands-on time. Rebus Biosystems provides all-inclusive assay kits to empower researchers with the resolution, scale and speed of the Rebus Esper for multiple applications. Learn more at

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