Kevin Fritsch

Whole-brain Spatial Validation of Single-cell Gene Expression with Subcellular Resolution

Various scRNA-seq approaches enable comprehensive screening of complete tissues but require tissue dissociation and the removal of individual cells from their biological context. Validation of differential gene expression in situ is, therefore, of high interest. Rebus Biosystems has developed an automated platform that combines Synthetic Aperture Optics, fluidics engineering, and single-molecule RNA fluorescence in-situ hybridization […]

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Dissecting Neurodegeneration Mouse Models with an Automated High-plex Spatial Platform

Here, we used the Rebus Biosystems platform to quantify expression levels of 31 target genes across three experimental conditions. ​First, we obtained fresh frozen mouse brain sections from two transgenic lines modeling a neurodegenerative disease and a third wild-type line serving as a control. We mounted one section from each of the three conditions (genotypes) […]

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Spatially Resolved Cell Atlas of the Developing Human Brain Using an Integrated Spatial Omics Platform

To dissect cell-type composition and visualize cell clusters in space, we designed a panel of genes identified by dissociated single-cell transcriptomics according to their specificity and expression. Multiple regions of fresh frozen human fetal brain samples from gestational week 20 were sectioned to a glass coverslip, assembled into the platform’s hardware, and automatically probed for […]

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